Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day TwEnTyThReE- Seashells Nearly Done!!

I am hoping to make it to thirty consecutive posts...only 6 more I think!! Daily posting gets to be like ALOT of work.  I need a nap but NO time!!! 

Now it's a challenge to see it thru  a month of posting...hopefully I will keep posting a few times a week after that!!

The Seashells NOW

I really love the way the seashells are coming along.  I still have to add the sand and do a little more to the drift wood but I am QUITE happy with it at this point!! 

The thing I like about painting seashells is that no one knows that my starfish, my lettered olive or my scallop shell is not exactly like the original because there are no two identical seashells...as long as you are in the ballpark...no one will know the difference...what I don't like is all the 100 finicky layers of sheer color BUT I DO love the result...the glow you get from it!!

Thinking about putting it over my bed unless YOU want to buy it!! It's approximately 15x20".

The seashells last time you saw them...just for comparison...it's been getting tweaked in between all the working in my moleskine watercolor sketching/journaling.

TIP : Got the rust colored stain off above the drift would with a Mr. Clean eraser. If you look its no longer in the almost done pic...the first pic in this post.They are GREAT for removing stray watercolor blobs!! I cut them up into small pieces and wet them ...wipe away gently at the offending watercolor and it disappears without messing the paper up...well as long as its good watercolor paper. LOVE that Mr. CLeaN!!

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