Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 50 - A Portrait

That's the painting equivalent of skyrockets, right?!  I have a commission portrait that I have been working on.  It's done in acrylic.  

First I drew it and then I scrubbed in a base color on the raw canvas.

Then I started painting him.  I love using the flesh color made by Liquitex and  Buff for the skin.  I also used Nickel Azo Gold, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, White, Burnt Umber, Vermilion, Cad Red and Cad Yellow Light.  However I could not tell what color his eyes were from the photos I had of him.   Did I let that stop me? NO, I kept on painting!!

Here's a close up of the eye.
Except OH NO his eyes are a very bright blue...but that was an easy fix!!

I greyed the rusty shadows out by adding a light blue to them...scrubbing it in with a dry have to be creative when painting portraits with acrylic because it dries so fast.

Currently this is what he looks like right now...I am going to sleep on it and see if I decide to change him in the never know do you??  I do like to look at it a while to decide how to tweak him!! 

Thanks for looking!!

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