Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 53 - Dr. Sketchy's -How many Sketches??

I think ten...all fast quick til the very end.  I didn't realize how many we had done till I started cleaning up some of the chalk dust yesterday getting ready to spray them with affixative.  No wonder I was tired...stress from public live drawing with some really terrific artists (equals not wanting to screw up!!) and a very full busy day AND a pile of brain was WORN out!!

Hope you are not tired yet!! Here are a few more sketches!! Her partner whom we did not sketch were dressed as automatons.  Her partner had intricate makeup and acted like he was woundup. Very interesting! She was the one who wound him up.

 Here she is acting flirty with the automaton's hat.  She was actually much prettir than this!! This one could have been great but she kept slumping and wiggling...the hat was moving the whole time as was her head!! OOPS!!!
Hard to draw a moving model!! Her poses were lovely but she couldn't hold them!! 

This is a closeup.  I think it was a ten minute sketch. Alot to do in TEN MINUTES!!

My favorite sketch but again she wiggled ALOT!! Love the mask and the plumes!!

This was another ten minute sketch.  She was very nervous and stiff,  and I think both of our stress levels show...what was I thinking of drawing that fan like that?!! That's what happens when you draw a picture flat on the table!!


This was the 20 minute pose...We were supposed to draw her as an automaton and all my tired brain could think of was draw strings on her like a marionette...duh wheres the automaton ...and ad a key and some bolts at her joints to make her puppet like...hmmm what was I thinking??? Actually I really hated to mess up what was a nice sketch...oh well!! And then it was time to go home...another evening of too much fun!!

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