Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 53 - Dr. Sketchy's

Last nite was the monthly Dr. Sketchy's AntiArt School.  As usual it was ALOT of fun.  The evening is full of contsts and challenges...sketching is fast and loose with multiple poses.  Starts off with five minute poses and ends with 20 minute poses.  None of course were long enough for me to give our lovely model Jessica justice.  Jessica is a burlesque dancer/artist but not in the sense we think of a burlesque dancer but a performer in the old tradition of say the Moulin Rouge...slightly naughty performances but clothed.  

The biggest problem I had last nite was that since Jessica was not an artist model she had trouble holding the poses and seemed to actually collapse so I felt like I was always trying to chase her with my drawing...not easy to do in the short periods we had to draw.  Next time I am going to try to draw her piece by piece  aka the head, the arm, the hand instead of a more typical overall approach.  

We started off with this pose to draw in five minutes.  A tough one and I dont think I did her loveliness justice.  I wish I could have taken a  photo so I could have redrawn her because I loved her poses and this one was lovely to look at.

 Next five minute pose. She was upside down in the chair.  Crazy but fun!! And a definite challenge to draw. This one I think turned out fairly well...just very sketchy!

Ten minutes...way to complicated for me to get all of her done in ten minutes.  Perhaps I should have just done her head! OPPS!! 

Another ten minute pose - Think this one turned out fairly well too...Its all a learning process right?? She had started her collapsing yet...I can't imagine Doing either of the first two poses for five minutes and still have another hour and a half to go.

So will Ruth and I do it again next month...of course!!! We LOVED it!!  Drawing, contests, food, drinks, great music...what more could a girl ask for??

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jewel said...

just lovely! thanks for sharing all this! It's great to communicate this art to other's.