Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 52 - Tom posing

It occurred to me that my cat Tom is a specialist in 2-3 minute life poses.  Last nite and today he flopped himself down near me where I had a good view of him and continually shifted as he cleaned himself up ...loves to lick his paws endlessly.  His hind legs are now squeaky clean.  This morning he flopped down on the rag rug in the kitchen and started all over again.

Heres the black and white version in my moleskine.  Done with a random inkpen and my red and black red is Zig Wink of Stella pens...pearlescent brush pens.  I glued down a piece of the paper moleskines come with over a sketch that was a bust.

When I came home I decided Tom needed a little color...and I added more of the red Zig Wink of Stella as well as the Black Zig Wink of Stella brush pen.   Colors are the usual...cerulean and cobalt, cad yellow, ochre, Quinacridone sienna and Daniel Smith Primatek Piemonite.  I think Piemonite is such a useful can be purple or a brown. It's transparent, makes great shadows or brindle on a pit bull.  

Today's Dr. Sketchys AntiArt School.  Guess what I will be posting tomorrow??! 7:00 tonite at Chat Noir!! Come join the fun!!

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