Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Day 58 - Zoe's Turn

I have been meaning to paint Zoe for a while but shes usually sleeping right next to me if she's not in my lap so she's a little difficult to draw!!

I start with a light sketch of her.  I try to show where the highlights are going to be and draw in the major shapes.

Here she is painted.  I really like the way she turned out. Guess I won't have to give her two tries like I did my cat and Honey.  Zoe is fond of lying on quilts and pillows...anything besides the sofa which is feather...you would think that was soft enough wouldn't you??

The paper on the left side is the one thats in the moleskine when you buy it.  I rip it up and glue it down.  Then I write over it.

Here's a close up of her eye.  I actually managed to reserve the whites in and over her eye where her brows are.


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Ophelia Staton said...

This is absolutely amazing!!! I love your blog here Maggie. So very inspiring!!!