Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 66 - Zoe Alla Prima

WOW SIXTY SIX posts...sometimes I amaze myself.  I had drawn this sketch of Zoe in my wc journal a few days back but not painted it.  

Was talking on Instagram with some other artists about Charles Reid so I decided to revisit his alla prima style in this painting...I do love the way the individual watercolors intermingle with each other when you paint using his method.  

OH you say HOW does he paint? Well if you have ever painted with oils or acrylics he paints that way.  Lays the color down like oils and generally leaves it alone.  He also uses pure wet colors - generally cad red light, cad yellow, vermilion, rose madder, cerulean,  yellow ochre, cobalt and raw sienna, and ultramarine blue with burnt umber and lets them mingle on the page.  He can paint anything with about 12 colors.  He also paints quickly, doing portraits in two hours.  Said anything more than that is messing it up.  

So here's Miss Zoe.

Here she is...I am really pleased with how she turned out.  The only thing I would change is to make the tip of her right ear round instead of pointed!! 
Why do I say this is Alla Prima aka First strike?  Most of the color was laid down all at once. 

Cerulean blue to the right of the right ear is negative painting to define her white ear.  So is the cobalt under her chin.  Can you find other blues used as shadows to define areas. That's negative painting.

Splattering?  The spots of yellow ochre and cerulean were made by splattering.  I covered up Zoe with a papertowel and the thump a loaded brush at the background.  Too much?? Not a problem.  Turn your brush sideways and roll out some of them or smudge with your finger.

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