Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 68 - Those Daniel Smith Primatek Paints

Green Agatite

I think I am just in love with some of the Daniel Smith Primateks. Primateks are made of finely ground up stones- some semiprecious and quite pricey.  I LOVE the way they granulate..well at least for some things like trees...not so much for painting black labs!! I also love the way they stay transparent no matter how much color you slather on the page.

I hear you wondering WHAT is granulating?  Granulating means that the paint breaks up into granules.  The green agatite square is a really good example of this.

L-R Piemonite, Hematite, Green Agatite
on Fabriano Artistico Hot Press

 I own a tube of these three and just love them.  I use them ALOT.

L-R Hematite, Green Agatite, Burnt Tiger, Amethyst
 in Square Handprint Watercolor Journal

So what do I use them for???

So here are some things I like to paint with them...Trees!! Noses on dogs!  Eyes! Brindle fur!

Some things I don't like painting with them - washes that you want  a consistent color or black labs that you want a consistent black color.

Daniel Smith Primateks

According to the website the colors are actually darker, and you should use them with alot of water to let the color granulate and do its thing.  I was using the paper sample sheet of colors when I painted these.  Just little dabs of color.

Several of them are sparkly....the Kyanite, Fuchite and the Suglite.  Hmm do you think Daniel Smith would give me a set of them so I can experiment and report back to you?? A girl can hope right??!

The best deal is to buy a set direct from Daniel Smith but some of them are well priced on Amazon.  They are also widely available at fine art supply stores now.

Thanks for looking!!


Marilyn in Ontario, Canada said...

I am so enjoying your journey and will be sad when it ends.After the 100 days i hope you will continue to post.........maybe not everyday but at least once or twice a week.

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Thanks Marilyn in Ontario...I hope so too....after 100 days surely its a habit?? Or maybe I will go for never know...Thanks for looking!!