Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 100 - I Made It!!

No fireworks today even though its day 100 but I did two small paintings -both very colorful.  

This is this morning's Sunrise.  

I tried to paint it with transparent colors only. I started with a wash of very light aureolin yellow, added touches of quinacridone red to the sky.  Then I went back in with cobalt and raw sienna where the clouds would be.  I added the cobalt blue mixed with a touch of raw sienna to warm it up to the sky and painted around the clouds.  I wet edges of the clouds here and there to soften the edges.  I also added more aurelin and quin red to them to warm them up more...early morning glow.

The trees...mostly painted with Green apatite from Daniel Smith, an orange made with quinacridone gold and quin red.  I added cobalt purple and blue mixed for darks in the trees.  

I meant to go back and add cobalt blue to the holes in the trees...oops...guess I will!!


I have one of the tallest persimmon trees you have ever seen in my yard...more than 50 feet...narrow straight up to the sky.  The deer love it..I rarely see a persimmon because they eat them all.  

The wood...used half the colors in my paint box.  raw sienna wash, the lines were made with cerulean and raw sienna.  I went back in with more cobalt blue and purple sprinkling it around...added some yellow ochre and some orange.  And probably more colors I have forgotten.  I then splattered it with my toothbrush in greys and browns.

The persimmons were painted with quin red, aurelin, cobalt and indigo. Shadows ultramarine and burnt umber.

I think thats it!

Thanks for looking!!

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