Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 99 - Two Days of Review?!

After 98 consecutive days of blogging thought I would share some past paintings.  If nothing else this had really improved my art I think!!

The great pumpkin paint off....I think I painted ten of these in various forms...and I bought ALOT of pumpkins...we will be having alot of pumpkin pie, bread, cookies, soup...any more ideas of what to make?!

100 days ago I could not have painted this by myself without assistance or tips from my great watercolor teacher Thomas Needham who teaches here at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art.

I think I really am enthralled with the squirrels...they are so sleek and fat due to their gobbling at the bird feeder!! 

And then there was the day I painted TEN trees trying to do one I liked...this is one that I was happy with...A Sycamore

Three full sketchbooks and numerous loose paintings!!

One of my favs of my dog Zoe.

Dear sweet Honey painted her how many times?? Labs do tend to lie around posing for you!!

A quite a few sky paintings and one or two Urban sketches like this one.

Goes to show you can paint anywhere...including on a stool in front of the window looking at the river!! 

More tomorrow UNLESS I have time to whip up something skyrockets for day 100!! 

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