Friday, October 03, 2014

Day 89 More Pumpkins

And I have been painting for far too long today. Five six hours. This is a WIP work in progress. Not sure it's done but is for today.

So far today!

A lot of you enjoyed the post a couple of weeks ago that followed a flower painting from beginning to end. Decided to do that again today.

The Set Up

The Sketch

Sketched with a light gray watercolor pencil. I darkened it so you can see it.

Under washing base colors.

Well under way. Then my mother called. I couldn't take pics while I talked to her.

A detail as it is now.

Now to let it sit so it can tell me if it's done. Tomorrow a different pumpkin? I have at least three more pumpkins and three more squash.

Thanks for looking!!

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