Tuesday, November 25, 2014

144 - One Dog and the High - Part 1


Another dog sketch In my moleskine with my lamy assisted by a gray Pentel brush pen.

We went to see Cezanne and the Modern Masterpieces from the Pearlman Collection today.  Sorry I didn't realize I could take pictures till after the Cezannes, Degas, Lautrec, and Modigliani.  Pearlman was a huge collector of art back in the early 1900s.  Now most of them belong to the Princeton Art Museum.

I always like their exhibits BUT always find out who the OTHER Modern Masterpieces are...sometimes its not worth the effort.  One time we thought we were going to see an O'Keefe exhibit and it was really about her Alfred Steiglitz  and his girlfriend's art which included O'Keefe.  Some of the girlfriends art was terrible  I have had first graders that could do better art.  

One of my favorites is always Pissaro. And we were at his paintings when I discovered we could take pictures.
Pissaro Landscape

Pissaro  Still Life - There are not many of these.  He was mainly a landscape painter.

Pissaro Winter Scene - This made Jan shiver but shes cold natured!

A nice sunny scene painted out his window at L'Havre.

Soutine was a Lithuanian refugee who was influenced and a friend of Pissaro.  He was also a favorite of Pearlman possibly because he too was Jewish.   I do think this one  - The Little Baker is very charming.  Some of his are quite crude to me.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!! Della Robbia!! 

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