Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 137 - Sketching Dogs

Been a doggy kind of day. Traffic in Atlanta is thick even during the day. Maybe it's Christmas shoppers starting early? The 34 degree day didn't stop them. However I did get what I went for a new dog bed for Honey and a bottle of Noodlers bulletproof ink. I meant to get a red Tombow to draw Honey ok the new red pillow but forgot. Oh well. Maybe there's a red sharpie around here.

In the meantime everybody tried the bed but Honey. Here are a few sketches I did today with my Lamy w my
New ink in my moleskine sketch b

Zoe tried the pillow out. Think I will add some color to this one.

Livia lounging in one of her 29 positions today. She's always moving. Some turn out well. Some not so much.

This one looked great til I made the smudge over her eye. Oops.

Watching tv while I draw. This was one of the characters on the show. It's ok. Messed it up smudging his beard.

Thanks for looking.

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