Friday, December 05, 2014

154- Drawing a nighttime skyline

Both need lots of work!!! But since we are dying to watch the last two episodes of Hannibal Season Two they shall wait. I hope you understand.

The view from Sam Flaxs parking lot midtown to downtown?! I have been meaning to draw this view for a while.

The letters will get embellished alot more. And of course color!!!

Fine Point Lamy Vista in stillman and birn Beta.

This is to the left of the first one. As usual I didn't draw small enough to get everything on one page DUH!! When will I learn.

As I drove down Peachtree to turn left on Ponce I was so disappointed that the Fox was not lit up.

As traffic stopped the lights on the Fox lit up like a veritable Christmas tree. Do you believe in signs? Think this will have to be an oil or acrylic one day.

It was such fun driving down Peachtree ohing like a kid at all the lights both Christmas and just the building lights. I am such a touron as we call tourists on Edisto Beach. 😃

Thanks for looking. Time for Hannibal!! 👍

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