Monday, July 07, 2014

Morning Tea and the Camera

Journaling day long till its a habit?

Every morning I have constant comment tea and an English muffin plus yogurt lately. Today I drew it minus the muffin- who wants a cold muffin?

Washi tape...isn't that a fun one?? Best of all I got if for .75 in the sales section at Michaels...SCORE!! :)

The pale washed out Version #1

From now on I will never say it's finished unless I try to take a pic first. This was what I saw first. Washed out. Added more vermilion to the cup and it was much improved!!

Winsor Newton in my Wc moleskine

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Linda Jo said...

I think it's beautiful! Great job!

Mary Ann said...

seriously luscious!

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...


Victoria Bolton said...

Adding more red really gave it a visual zing. Good call.