Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Roses and Labs

Three days of journaling.  Don't know if I can keep this up. Probably because I get carried away. I painted all these since 2 today. 

I bought some sweetheart roses at BiLo and decided to paint them. I did not like this much at first so I painted more paintings. It is growing on me the more I look at it.

#2. I decided to try using only transparent watercolors not semitransparent. Only thing I like about this is the leaves. Oh and the background.   Maybe it will improve by morning?

#3.  I tried painting a single rose on good #140 Kilamanjaro to see of that would help. Yawn!!

Added a background and some leaves to have some negative painting to hopefully improve it. I really do like the colors in the background...and the spatters.  Not sure I did but I had fun splashing around paint. 

The roses weren't going well so I drew a contour drawing of my lab Honey. Botched first attempt and drew the small one which I liked better. And this is my favorite of the four drawings.

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