Wednesday, July 09, 2014

So many GLaSSeS

Day 4. A miracle!!! Four blog posts in four days!!

Here are a few of the fifteen pairs I have around the house and the reasons I have so many!! I keep an extra pair in my car, my purse and upstairs so there may be more. :)

Younger people ask me why I have so many glasses. One day they will know. Can't read. Nothing worse with the possible exception of total blindness.

A few of the pairs...thinking this might be a great journal sketch book op!! What do you think???

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Victoria Bolton said...

I like the sparkly ones the best! This reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud's paintings.
Great colors, too.

Diane Perin Hock said...

I love all of your different glasses... A perfect sketching subject!

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Thanks Victoria!! I LOVE Wayne Thiebaud!!