Sunday, July 06, 2014


Decided to sign up for Mary Ann Moss' online class Sketchbookery ( to try to sketch/journal daily.  Have been reading her adventures on her blog  via facebook for quite a while.

So far I am two for two.  Let's see if I keep it up.


This is the final of today's sketchbook journal post. My Jack Russell Zoe aka the SnUgGLeR on her fav quilt. It looked like the one below till I got the bright idea to paint the background so that the letters didn't over power the nice watery Wc of Zoe. Not easy to paint wispy white fur. I even wet and whipped out some of the shading when I got a little too carried away as usual. Oh and I ran out of room for her rear. OPPS!!


Before I darkened the background. I painted over all the letters but her name. I like it better w the background painted.

Chic Fil A

Yesterday I did a contour sketch of a lady at Chic Fil A. Her table partner left just when I started to draw her so the chair is empty. I painted this when I got home.

Both are in my Wc moleskine w Winsor Newton Wc. I used a #12 brush so I couldn't get to fiddly. I love to fiddle w my watercolors.  The lettering was done with a tiny WC brush.


Mary Ann said...

i'd say you're off to a fine&dandy start!!

Linda Jo said...

You are really good. I do like the Chick Fil A one!!!!

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Thanks Ladies!!