Thursday, June 19, 2014

Painting skies

Madly painting skies. Which one is your fav.

This is my fav. Wouldn't change a thing. Kilimanjaro paper. Painted sky w a hogs hair bristle brush. Neat effect!! Also used Nickel Azo Daniel Smith. Such a nice glow!

On Strathmore. Nasty paper. Colors are faded looking which makes a nice soft morning sky. Going to try it again on arches or kilimanjaro.

I like this one. Arches.

Same scene same colors on Strathmore. Color difference is from the paper.

Arches paper I think. One of my favs.

Night time in the mountains. Kilimanjaro paper.

Another favorite. Kilimanjaro. Going to add rain to the stormy skies as soon as my headache clears off.

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Linda Jo said...

Oh my gosh! You are REALLLLLY good!!!! I am visiting some that posted on the class blog.... no wonder I like your stuff!