Friday, May 04, 2007

ANOTHER MAY sketch & EDM Challenge

this is day five isnt it??? And this is my EDM challenge 117 i think??? These small green balls have been on the driveway off and on for a month now. Todays rain knocked down ALOT of them. On my trip back from the mailbox i picked one up thinking it would be the perfect round item for this weeks round challenge. I was wondering what tree these came from...we have so many different kinds in our "woods" -oak, sweet gum, black walnut, persimmon. By the time i got to the front steps I knew which one it was...i found this...too bad I already did the green challenge twice...i could have rolled them into one with this!:>

Meant to make the drips...on my big wc molie...then dripped paint on it...and used unexpected colors like the red...this time of the year theres no red on a sweet gum leaf! For some reason the scanner ate the right side of the scan...oh attempt to Charles Reid some sweet gum leaves...he did say to paint anything...that anything could be beautiful?!


Serena said...

Nice work, Maggie.....good depth, nice colour....I think it works well ~

Lin said...

GORGEOUS, Maggie -- I LOVE the colors!

natalief said...

I love this but, then, I always love to photograph (and once in a blue moon, draw) plants/flowers/foliage! ;-p

gingermoggy said...

Oh Maggie - more gorgeousnesssssss.