Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 174 - Roo Time

Finally getting the Roos painted from my sketchathon at the Atlanta Zoo. Interesting to paint because almost everything was grey. This guy was in charge of the look out. I think it is a male. A very large kangaroo. He was very vigilant.   The greys were made by mixing either cobalt and Quin raw sienna or cerulean with Quin raw sienna for transparency. I don't know about you but I can ge heavy handed and loose that lovely transparency which is what I like about watercolors. They were also painted wet in wet. The very dark blacks were made with ultramarine blue and burnt umber like the nose. The grass is a combo of yellow ochre and Quin raw sienna which is very red. 

Most of the Kangaroos laid around making them not too difficult to draw but the big one in the first pic. He hopped over to the right of the pic and kept moving up and down. So I drew him again both standing up and tipped over. 
Here's the full double page spread. Drawin in my Moleskine watercolour with a fine nib Lamy. Lettering done with my Pentel Brush pen currently missing.  Have you seen it??

Thanks for Looking!! Merry Christmas!!

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