Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 177 from the Florida Turnpike

A lot of quick gesture sketches as I sat in the middle of the breakfast area at the Hampton Inn in Vadosta Ga. Done in my Stillman and Birn Alpha w my Lamy Safari. Posted from the Florida Turnpike near Orlando. Only 437 more miles to go.  Arrival time about 6 pm.  
This took maybe 5 min to draw.  I start with the shoulders when I draw the figures. Judge the angle and draw it with a pen slash. I generally do the same thing with the rest of the figures. Judge the angle of the arm and draw it w 1-2 lines. 

Lettering done with my Pentel brush pen.   I lost my old one somewhere and had to run to Sam flaxs to buy another. Thank goodness for Christmas $$$!!!  Colored with my watercolor pencils. It took longer to color them than to draw them. 

This young man was using his phone. Took off just as I was finishing up. 

The original uncolored pen sketches. I thought u might like to see them. 

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