Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Anyone need a cat?

New cat Saturday. Our neigborhood is the convenient dumping ground for unwanted pets from the Georgia side of the river. Saturday was a big day around here. First of the June birthdays, my middle son Ben. How can I be that old to have a 26 year old son.

Anyway coming home I heard this pathetic yowl of a cat in the bush and thought it was one of ours. Went over to see what had happened and there was a pretty little long haired grey with white patches small cat. We have named her "Bones" because her bones stand out under her fur. We are working on fattening her up introducing her to cream which she loves and Pounce which she aslo loves now. As I said, "Anyone need a cat."

To make this fiber related going to do some Susan Shie type quilts of all our assorted pets...think that will be fun instead of doing applique. Off to sew and laugh with friends.

Maggie in Gorgeous SC where its once again Monsoon season...poured all afternoon!

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Debra said...

Maggie, we found you!! What to blog about?? blog about your work, blog about your life.. (is there a difference??)

Put of photos of everything. (Oh, btw, there is this fascination on the artful quilt blog ring to put up pictures of our shoes... or feet. Don't ask.)

Have fun.