Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thursday, June 2 2005

All I was trying to do was to add a comment to Del's blog about gas prices and now I have a blog?! So what do I write about? Spent all day beading a pap for the art2mail looks so gorgeous I want to keep it. Can't post a picture of it because it's supposed to be a secret...I love it...I want it! Do you think anyone will know if I keep it? OF COURSE they will so I will have to send it on its way tomorrow or maybe Monday...keep your eyes here because sooner or later I will post a picture of it!


lizzieb said...

so you just keep us all up to date as to what you are doing. All your intimate details, etc!!! Please don't use blue type on your black background...some of us are sight impaired.

Just share with us what you are doing and what you think about it. Check out the other artful quilters to see what they have!

arlee said...

welcome to the blogging world maggie!!! and i second that blue on black--ow!

SCquiltaddict said...

WEll it took me a while to figure out how to change colors...and still havent figured out how to change the blue. Tried once and quit! Will try again ladies I promise!