Friday, July 01, 2005

First Crazy Quilt in Years and things I have discovered about Crazy quilting

Recently our guild had Susan Edmonson as a guest. I wasnt going to go. I didnt want to do crazy quilts, didnt need a new project, had to take off work. Well at the last minute I decided to would be a fun day hanging out with my friends and Susan is a fun person. She collects my dolls so you know she has good taste!!:>

Some of you have been wanting to see my heart. So here it is...going to my mother in laws house today for her birthday present. I am sure she will love it and she is such a sweety even if she hated it she would never let you know.
This is the front. It is heavily beaded. Has antique pearl buttons on it, silk ribbon, hand embroidered and lots of charms. The humming bird is her favorite bird.
The back has some "back art" with all that feather stitching and lazy daisy. Things you will do at 1 in the morning...or while watching the whole first season of the Sopranos with your kids. Love that varigated pearl cotton. The label was done with a black Sakura gelly roll pen which is permanent and NEVER bleeds unless you write on the label when its wet. DUH!! Then it will bleed. The part I wrote when it was dry did not bleed. Decided I had to add a few more dots and darken a heart and a letter or two...should have waited till it was dry...too late to change it.

OKAY WHAT I Learned about Crazy Quilting!

1. A good substitute for other handwork projects such as needle turned applique. Fits all the requirements like easy to pull the needle through so it doesnt hurt my hands, variety, mindless once you get the sewing but creative because you can do something different in a few minutes.

2. Great presents...everyone would love one right? Next up is some tiny pouches for mad money, credit cards and hotel pass keys for quilt shows...keeps those hands free!!!:>

3. All those embroidery stitches are fun to do...and just as soothing as applique. I had forgotten how much I love to embroider.

4. Pearl cotton comes in some truly amazing colors. I especially love the varigated colors and the Valdani varigated although that Finaca varigated that I got from has a lovely sheen the valdani does not have and might be replacing it soon!!:>

5. Good for using up all those collections of things I had to have like moda prints that I rarely make a quilt out of, antique pearl buttons by the pound from, and all that lovely hand dyed silk ribbon from who was it artemis?

6. You can give vent to all that fussy stuff you never do on other art quilt and it looks like "seeing red" is going to get some beads too if it holds still long who knows it might overflow onto them like both of the last two art2mail PAPs(Progressive art pieces, sort of round robins.)

7. Our pin cat becomes a bead cat. He hears the tins rattling and dive bombs in to see what he can swipe...and roars while he does it. Still have not found the tube he stole a month ago...its gotta be here somewhere...

8. The best thing I learned is that its a great excuse to collect all kinds of fun things which you know we fabricholics love to do-must be that hunter gather thing my prof talked about on the was it Myers Brigs??? AND all your friends want to go on trips with you to collect them...which makes it even more fun!!!

BEADS!!!! We have been to the bead store 3- or is it four times-while making this. The intergalactic bead show in Atlanta. dont walk to the next one...all my favorite bead stores in one huge a craft show for beads ...I think its September 24. Prices are amazing. So yes you got it...we drove to Columbia twice to check out Swift Water Beads, and then to Atlanta to the bead show there...and we have 12 people that want to go to the next one. Also twice to AC Moore in Columbia on Harbison - well yes I know thats actually Irmo, Hobby Lobbies, Walmarts....Ya Yas here in Augusta...

RIBBONS!!! We have scoured every Hobby Lobby along I 20(bytw the Aiken one is better than the Columbia one), quilt and embrodiery store oh yes and walmart for silk ribbons. We finally gave up and did our own which was sooo much fun...and yes they too are going to end up on some art least a post card or two...and who knows maybe a Quilting arts calendar entry? And Rooby has some great ones at webofthread...ask me how I know???!

PEARL COTTON!!!Now where has that great stuff been. I just love it. Love the glowing colors. Going from a few skeins that I bought from Laura and Melody in 2000 at Paducah to almost a two gallon bag full. You know you got to buy it where you see it...theres a dirth of it here in Augusta. Even our embroidery stores are running low...well the closest one has turned into almost all yarn. The one in North Augusta has some amazing hand dyes in the yummiest colors...also some incredible hand dyed silk that I bought to do one for my victorian loving niece for her wedding. Did I say the cat likes to steal those little balls of Valdani...I dont know why the Jack Russells dont want to do that- they love balls....

LACES and ANTIQUE LINENS!!Now I know why everyone keeps giving me all that stuff...I have more than a life time will ever use in crazy quilts...

STAMPS!! Now I never was a big stamp collector unless I could use them with fabric paint...but hey thats changed. We only buy them if they are in the sale bin and a good price though. And we have way too many in Connie and my joint collection. And had to buy those tsunieko inks from Rooby ...

Well I am sure there are more things that I have forgotten but Hobby Lobby is having a sale on thier stamps...half I gotta run...nearest one is Aiken...I will be in big trouble when they build the one around the corner from my house wont I????

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dogquilter said...

Gorgeous Maggie!!! You did a wonderful job quilting, beading and the label is gorg!!!