Saturday, July 02, 2005

TOOO Many strips

I unburied these when I was cleaning out the sewing room this week...too pretty to give away but no idea what to do with them...Okay so there are three sets of the strips. Each one is about 44" long and 90" wide...yes I said NINETY...I measured any bright ideas on what to do with them??? All help and ideas gladly accepted....

BYTW Jazz our Jack Russell female who refuses to eat in the kitchen is running over to them with mouths of dog food to eat on them...very dainty...but WHY there??? The carpet is no longer good enough?


mary m. said...

Looks like a nice assortment of values, why not slice a few more different sized strips of say, aqua, gold and black, then cut them up again in varying sized strips...3/4" to 4 " and throw them up on the wall (a la Nancy Crow) and see what happens?

Dianna in Maui said...

Hi Maggie!
Why not get your hands on a copy of Louisa Smith's book, "Strips and Curves" and chop it up for a great quilt? Looks like you already have the tedious part done!