Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sculpey beads

My friend Kim and I had fun playing with sculpey and fimo Friday. We baked at least three pans full of it...and yesterday I baked some more...

So how did we make them...I made a mold of a face for the small beads...baked it, then dusted it with corn starch...pushed warmed clay into it and voila a face...most of them are made with brown fimo and flesh color sculpey mixed together, silver or gold promat... The brown clay was dusted with gold or bronze powder...the top two-one is the mask- that are bright gold have gold leafing on them.

Kim made the brown Jack Russell with a stamp and brown stamp pad and brown granite clay...kinda cool isnt it? She calls it a Pit Bull but I keep telling her its a JACK RUSSELL!!!

All the little word beads are made from gold clay with words impressed on them with if I just had Kims brown stamp pad...the word would show up...what kind of stamp pad was that? Oh before you have to ask...I dusted the stamps with corn starch on a brush before I stamped they did not stick...

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Teri said...

Hi Margaret,
Your blog is one of my favorites. I have the sculpey.. I have the face molds.. I just haven't gotten around to making anything. I have this wonderful bead shop near me. I have paid up to $8.00 for tiny little face beads. Yours look just as nice.