Thursday, September 15, 2005

Amulet bags nearing completion

Stayed up till 2 am last nite sewing on these two amulets and I just love them for the cord around the neck on the first one...thinking strands of three strings of green beads with big beads interspersed?! What say you???

Beading the fringe on the oriental one...its just tooo much fun...and these go a little faster than the crazy quilt bags...they ahave too...they are only 4x5!!! But every inch is decorated within a square inch of its life...hmmm maybe my life??!

So what is an amulet bag for???

You wear them to quilt shows and keep your room key, money, charge card in them…all the important things hanging around your neck like a magic talisman right where you can keep track of them…amulets…used to be used for magical objects…like a magic stone or feather, etc…

You can read more about amulets on


mary m. said...

They're stunning! What do you do with those?

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