Thursday, September 15, 2005

Katrina quilts and minor miracles...and two cool quick quilt tips

My friend Mary Ann Thompson donated this gorgeous log cabin to the Katrina quilts BUT it has 54 more blocks to sew to it...each one is about a foot makes a king sized quilt...and did I say I have fallen in love with it??? And that I have been buying black and whites off and on to make a black and white log cabin...this one will be hard to part with IF it ever gets done!I have about ten finished quilts in my back seat to deliver now for somebody to pet...Mary Ann's squares below are the start of an ugly duckling quilt...its stars with nine patches in the middle....NO I am not going to finish it but it would keep someone warm if they were sewn together...see that big pile to the right of the squares...htast more squares!!! ALOT of squares Mary dont do something half way do you?!

Well I was wrong..the whole quilt is here...see the stacks...stack of nine patches, stack of the points and the "solid" squares are cut out whoooo wants to volunteer to sew them together??? I hear Bonnie Hunter saying two squares at a time and you have a quilt top...okay Bonnie OK! Did I say Mary Ann included the directions...she doesnt miss a thing that Mary Ann!:>

and what about these blocks...sweet...maybe a baby quilt??

A Katrina Miracle Story

Last week I saw a lady named Barbara Hazy on CNN on Angels of the storm.
She has 53 relatives living in her house near Houston...her house is only 1700 sq feet and people were sleeping on the floor like logs in a wood pile...everywhere she went there were more people...neighbors were donating food...but I thought here is a lady who needs our I sent her name to Karey and they couldn't find I thought why not email CNN and guess what they sent me her info back yesterday afternoon Karey and her team had contacted her to deliver quilts and sheets and towels...Kareys Team said she is just the most fantastic person!...I think that is a minor miracle story for our quilts and Karey don't you??? Who would have thought that CNN would actually answer my email...but my motto is it never hurts to ask...sometimes you get a no but sometimes you get a great answer like this one...

Two fast quilt tips...the ones I wish I had thought of!!
And last but not least two of my close quilty friends have two great quilt tips...Strippy quilts are fast and easy on your serger...(Now why didn't I think of that!!) and neat looking binding on the machine: Sew the binding to the back, flip it to the front and use the serpentine stitch to sew it down...much neater than a straight stitch and easier than blind hem...nice touch to the binding especially done with variegated thread...

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