Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Journals are done and the ladies are colored

I have all my journal quilts on their sleeve thank goodnesss.....readddyyy to go to the mail box...yes sister...they are done! And I even made an extra one or two...or three or was it four?

After I highlighted the journal quilts with the oil pastels, I did the ladies faces on two amulets and the other crazy quilt purse...looking better...If you want a before coloring the faces...scroll down a post or two to see the amulet ladies before they got thier "faces" on...lol

sorry the one pic is so wrinkly...the edges of it have shrunk...should trapunto the faces...but probably wont....going to add a couple of bugs on the square near the bird...dont look its not there then sew this purse toghether and call it DONE!!!

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