Wednesday, September 14, 2005

MOre Katrina quiltsll

Just got a post from Karey Bresnehan that Quilters Comfort America will be shut down due to its overwhelming success...she has gotten was it 6000 quilts in the last week and a half..The shelters are closign in Houston so the need is now in Baton Rouge....what an amazing these will go to local evacuees...or maybe to Baton Rouge...if we can get a good hook up that will deliver them...Barbara...this is going to be your job...did I say one of the best volunteers in Augusta has a HUGE family in Baton Rouge...sounds like a good job for her dont you think..and she retired so she has plenty of time to direct it!!! Barbara are you hearing me????

Well the stories that go with delivering one of these jewels make all the work worthwhile.
This quilt is Judy Lockharts and she got the joy of delivering it to an evacuee in Atlanta Sunday. Needless to say the recepient was tickled to death to get this beauty.

This is Judys story: Hope you dont mind Judy!
About the Katrina quilts - would you believe I handed one personally to a family yesterday evening. Our pastor met a family this past week and kept in touch - they are staying with relatives in Conyers. They came to church yesterday morning and Wayne invited them to dinner and wanted to hear their story. It was quite interesting - just thought they'd be gone a couple of days, went to Houston and of course we know what happened. They are now looking for jobs and plan to relocate here and one of their sons is already enrolled in Middle School.
Last night we went by their house and I gave her, Bernice, the strippy quilt. She was so excited and it was just a blessing getting to talk with them and see their faith in God and what they are doing - just very busy every day relocating and not dwelling on how bad it is..................

Gloria with project Linus delivered 60 more to evacuees...and I have been trying to count how many Ille has got in the works...I think it is eight or nine...and I finished four tops yesterday...the butterfly strip quilt and the three kids quilts...throw sized...The three kids quilts started out as strippy quilts and then were cut into 5-6" rows and sewn together Bargello style. You sew it together in rings and then split one block in everyother half step it to the right...

Connie Burleson made the bright one with the squares...some kid is going to love it dont you think?

Now to get them quilted...if you notice Charley the Jack Russell is guarding them from the quilt cat Tom.....did I say all my quilts are also Jack Russell approved...they have been the quilt quality control team for a while and Tom is a new addition ....but hes coming on strong...doing a great job!
How does Tom know when there is a quilt around...I threw this one on the CLEAN kitchen floor to look at yesterday while I fixed a sandwhich...Tom the quilt cat magically appeared to check out the quality of the quilt....he was no where around when I did it...and its not like a quilt is noisy on the how did he know it was there??? I guess he likes it though dont you think?

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