Monday, September 12, 2005

Now how many Katrina quilts is that?? 74 I think!!!

Well I think I have lost count but I think I have that makes ummmmm 74???..but there are seven that were donated Saturday on the back seat of my car, and one on my kitchen table. One from MaryAnn Thompson a great big one and two smaller ones from Betty Bedford and one from Tina Matthews...those are the ones we could identify....and Connies on my table... All ready to go to the mail...

Then Judy has two almost done(oh no I think shes caught up with me!!):>

Ille has three

Siobhan has three or is it four?"

I have two started

Connie has the one on the table and one more almost done...

Marie Atkinson has one
Linda Yehle has one
Joyce Lytle has two
Chris has a cute pink pig quilt to be delivered on Th...and
Carolyn and Rachel T I think are doing at least two more...and ladies there are at least two more in my bag sorted ready for some willing person to whack up and quilt it how many is that??? So that makes 74? Is that right?!

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