Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Friday after a trip to People Places and QUIlts in Charleston we went to the market. Two newbees who had never been....its really alot like a flea market...very touristy, alot of little shops and restaurants line the street on both sides. Evidently it used to be a market where the slaves sold meat it was not a "slave market" for selling slaves. This is where you can buy sweet grass baskets...prices are escalating on them. Double what they were a few years ago.

The driver tried to get his mules to pose for me...Drivers are auditioned so that they give entertaining as well as informative trips...ours was a former social studies teacher...
Kim had to have a pic of the Ben and jerrys ice cream sign near the market

almost got run over taking this picture of the pinkney inn...a famous Charleston name and a signer of the Declaration of Independence

going to dinner at hanks....the calamari was good but the crab cakes...well we decided to eat on Edisto the next nite...and the food was cheaper and better....should have known better than to eat in a place near the tourist area.

Sunday we went back to Charleston and took a carriage ride thru the old was alot of fun....only took 100 pics or so ...these are just a few of themFan light over a church door
Some of the famous Charleston wrought iron
this building looks like an old school...but i think its apartments?

Now this door has a pediment

two of the "secret gardens" between the houses....

how about asparagus ferns on your driveway gates?
a cemetary on meeting street

little boy making sweet grass flowers down near the market
the back of the Daughters of the Confederacy building with the market below it...

I think this is St. Phillips but it might be St. Michaels...
one of the jillion churches along meeting street...130 of them I think....

another front yard with a nice garden...just the right size I think

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Thanks for the tour Maggie...both the shop AND especially the, what a ton of quilt inspiration at every turn. Don't you just love fan lights? Parsimonious Yankees, up here in this cold, didn't use them much, and I just love them. I'd wilt in the heat of the South, but gee.....a visit in February (which w*ould probably be as warm as I like it in mid-summer) I could manage LOL! Cheers, Sarah

Karoda said...

Where any of the gates a Phillip Simmons gate? We met him and toured the house where he and his deceased wife lived for a gazillion years...His nephew had taken over the iron business and was working the day that we where there. The photo tour was delightful!

Melinda said...

I love the fact that I'm not the only person who takes pictures of buildings just because they are interesting. Love the pictures. Love Charleston.