Wednesday, November 16, 2005

People Places and quilts

Did I say I JUST LOVE People Places and Quilts in Summerville and Charleston SC....directions to the store are on the website.....this angel sums it up...great atmosphere and lots of eyecandy..this angel greats you as you head to the bathroom....

I am going to put up a couple of pics of the store....just so you get a taste of whats its like....I teach there....its just the best place with the nicest I say smiling face, beautiful places...these two pictures are taken in the room where the books are...there is a sofa, table and chairs and a few toys as well as snacks for your dh while he waits for you...magazines too...
this is the long hall leading to the magazine room and teh main fabric room...but dont miss the first three fabric rooms like a friend of mine did...she had to go back for more!!

PPQ is in two old buildings that were joined years used to be a hardware store with more smaller stores in the rooms in the front...ask Enola if you want to know more about the building...very cool building....and very OLD!

there is always some new display to look at NEVER is the same twice...bolts fly out the doors and new fabrics arrive continually....the two shops are just a real treat to visit even if you dont want to spend some money...but I bet you will....ask me how I

one last angel. Dianne Frankenburger, the owner has painted all these wonderful murals through out the store but I think this one is my favorite..."in the south the angels sing the sweetest"

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