Sunday, January 29, 2006

Neat websites I have seen this week

Tomorrow I promise I will post some new fiber artwork
Cool websites:
Well all the EDM members websites...a lot of very cool drawings on them.

These are some of the ones I sent to friends this week....
A bead website...home of the beadmeister...very funny...funny things on every page of his catalog and good prices on his beads

The wayback machine if you want to look at old of our friends just loves this site.

Teddy Pruetts
website...a very funny quilter from Florida who has a whacky sense of humor and makes quilts from old fabrics...among other things

A list of websites that teach lettering

Neat Cartoons of an introspective sort with great artwork by Paul Madonna

Cool altered art and there is ALOT there...great pictures including ATCs, Journals and Fat books

Tomme Fents Bag O' STuff challenge from the quiltart list

Road to California
quilt show winners

Great fiberart from Karen Stiehl Osborne

Andi Sterns new site focusing on the art
You can still see the beads and quilts etc at her old site

Wonderful textile art on Jemma from Queensland blog will need to scroll down to find them...yummy things thru out her archives...and we love her doggy Louis is it Kim?

Oh yeah and some on sale fabrics at Hancocks of their sales...and shipping is cheap- LOOK under closeouts....alot of steals of a deal there!

CHECK back tomorrow for a new box and another jacket...hmmm I guess I have been busy

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