Sunday, January 29, 2006

Year of the dog challenge

My year of the dog challenge drawing for Everyday Matters...well there are pick. this is a funny contour drawing of jazz...her eyes are on the milkbone...her body is not nearly this svelte...she is a chubby jack russell...I have to agree that Jack Russells do not deserve their reputation as naughty dogs. Ours arent.

The worst thing Jazz does is steal Charleys milkbones or swipe them off the coffee table. She also LOVES to play ball...and money. She thinks that anyone who comes to visit is there to play with her...she will play ball till she drops...

She taught herself to fetch money when we put up her toys...she can find a quarter in the grass in the dark...she has a powerful nose...loves to smell your breath to see if she is interested in whatever you are eating...and wondering if she can get some..... one time I got her to bring me $4 from the floor or wherever she finds it...lunch money for a couple of days!:> Tell her to find some money and she will oblige and bring you some too...Posted by Picasa


Elaine M said...

these are great.

love the loose, characterful energy of all these drawings of your dog.

Elaine M

Karen said...

Maggie, I like your contour interpretation. As waggly and full of life as your JR herself!

clare said...

Maggie, Your drawings are just fabulous, I can't pick which one I like best, They all have such a unique personality, just like all JR's do. And your are right, they are not naughty dogs at all.