Thursday, March 30, 2006

The tree. This is the mystery tree or a watercolor sketch from memory of the tree...a very odd upright tree with candleabra branching. the only ones i have seen are very tall 30 feet or so. I have only seen two of them...well one lonely one in front of Bobbys BBQ on hwy 1 between Aiken and Augusta...good BBQ if you decide to go by and look at the tree and a grove no an alle they line a farmhouse driveway on 78 on the way to Summerville when I teach at People Places and quilts...anyone know what it it??? Only blooms on the ends of the branches... Posted by Picasa


Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Are they Bradford Pears? They are the tree that I think of with those upright branches. They would probably look like your sketch before they blossom, which is any time now.

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a Paulownia to me. I have one and very few trees have blue flowers. When the leaves come they shuld be large and heart shaped.Penny in South Australia