Monday, April 10, 2006

EDM #62

Perfect for the edm challenge #62...I drew a contour drawing of my camera yesterday and then redrew it hopefully closer to how it really looks...I hope i think...did i say i love my camera?? And now I love my quickly filling moleskine. Drawn with Pigma pen and colored with prismacolor Art stixs which might be the best things since i discovered crayons....very creamy and smooth and not messy like pastels but you can use them that way too...and they blend...

I really like contour drawings for their wonkiness...its one way I can get away from the ruge to try to be realistic...and away from the hang up about i am just tring to figure out what the little wheel is on the front left side of the camera...and where is the book that will tell me..hidden somewhere?!Posted by Picasa

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pedalpower said...

great drawing...and the background too. I love my camera too...though I have not really figured how to use all the features as I should!