Monday, April 10, 2006

OH MY most impressive - MOI impressive??!

Oh, My!

"Most impressive, however, is South Carolina quilter Margaret Hunt's illusionistic "Lady Nolly." From a distance, it looks like a classic portrait by some Baroque master -- Thomas Gainsborough, maybe, or Sir Joshua Reynolds. Closer inspection shows it for its true mastery, as a complex mix of fiber, stitching, painting and applique. The elegance of its concept and techniques alone make "Lady Nolly" outstanding; what takes it to another level entirely comes from its subtitle, and all that means"

Sounds like Maggie stole the show for the reporter! :-)

Pamela "in Kansas" Robson from the article in
Considering Quilts 2006 is on the front page of the Travel & Arts section
of the Daytona Beach News Journal today. The article was written by Laura
Stewart, an award winning fine arts critique.

You can read about her creation in the October archives...first week or so...hmmm she never did get those beads on her to look like water. To view her face up close click here.....Posted by Picasa

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Cherry said...


This is a wonderful review and you must be feeling very excited to be recognised in such a way. For a non USA citizen what is the significance of the title "Lady Nolly"?

Cherry in Melbourne Australia