Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Beginnings? A new moleskin

Page one of my new moleskine drawn with my pigma pen. As some of you know people-should I say mean people- are continually dumping cats and dogs in our neighborhood and then all of us try to find these poor babies homes. And of course we keep one or two or three along the way. There is no pound or SPCA in the county that I live in so the only alternative is to leave them at the fish cleaning stations at the lake which is NOT an option to me. Worst thing is that the people who are dumping the animals live in a county with both a pound and a Humane Society but they would rather dump their pets here and let them starve to death or become feral than take them there.

This is a sketch of two of our foundlings Tommy and Big Kitty. Sooner or later Big will find a new home. He is a gorgeous long haired Maine Coon type cat....very big. Tommy has stolen our hearts and will be the last to go if he ever does. We found him as a tiny kitty who could sit in the palm of your hand covered with fleas and flea dirt in the wheel well of one of the boat trailers. He still likes to hide in small places which is probably why he is alive....hes a lovely orange cat and loves to hide under the quilts. Posted by Picasa


Melinda said...

Hey, would you like another cat? :D

The pictures of Charleston are beautiful. Next time, you'll have to take me. ;)


AnastasiaC said...

gorgeous cat drawing!
Loved all your photos too - looks like an amazing place.