Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Plethora of Dish rags and one washrag

Hmm well thats what my dad from Oklahoma would call them...he hasnt seen these yet...these have been fun to play with the colors...have not used ONE of them yet....the green thing that looks sorta like a star fish or an well octopus?? is a wash cloth...not very happy with it and it was a pain to knit...going to try one in the cotton thread before I give up on it...these are knitted out of Lions Microfiber ...the two varigated ones are knitted from microfiber and varigated Peaches and Cream....I discovered that the pattern for them is on the Peaches and Creams label...started a hand towel last nite...we shall see how that one goes... Posted by Picasa

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DejaBlu said...

OMG..I LOVE the one in the lower right hand corner.... the bright multi colored one! It is stunning