Monday, August 21, 2006

Summerville Class and did I say I love

Kaffe Fassett fabric...this is some of my stash of KF fabric that I got at the Asheville quilt show from Thimble Pleasures and from Piece Gardens....YUMMMY stuff...and then I had to go into Charleston to buy a few more at People Places and QUilts because they dont sell it at the Summerville carries Martha Negleys and Amy Butlers...and its hard....
Here are two of my most excellent students Linda Trestman annoying the teacher taking pictures of her and then I took this great picture of Linda and Robbie you think they are having fun. The class was improvisational piecing....they also told me that everyone said I was the BEST quilting teacher they had ever had...I tried not to get the big head but it wasnt easy!! thats a way to make their teacher eat out of their hands...obviously they did not have to stay after school that day.

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