Friday, March 02, 2007

Sketches keep on coming...some good some bad

and ya know some are beloved HP 1350xi is driving me nuts with this Mac Book Pro, works for a little while and the quits...then I have to download the drivers AGAIN...maybe its about time to get a new zoomy printer to go with my zoomy computer??? ANYWAY here is what i have scanned so far...before the mac said it could not communicate with the HP...

The first one is a cp sketch i did of the tulips before i drew the big one...hmmm am i acutually using the sketchbook as the prep for a bigger sketch??? is it possible?

The next one is one of two or is three pages i drew from All Creatures Great and Small...been watching it off and on getting them from Netflixs...I finally watched the last disk....all of the characters make you want to get out the sketchbook, pause the dvd and draw like crazy...this is Roddy Travers an intinerant tinker/farm hand who thought he was going to have to put his beloved Murphey the dog down because everyone thought Murphey was killing sheep...of course Siegfried cleared Murphey at the last moment and kept James from having to put him down.

Roddy almost drew himself and Murphey a great big hairy white wolf hound looking dog was not as kind to me!

OK more afterschool fast sketches of the kids...they love to get my book and figure out who is who...we had another day with Meg ...the hamster trying to draw her and talk about what she was up she was Nipping a Nut...hmmm do hamsters eat nuts...dont remember feeding ours nuts...but hamster food...but its been years and years since we had one...

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phthaloblu said...

I just love the tulips, I could see that as a bigger piece. You are very good with color. I always love looking at your sketches of the kids. So full of life. I actually think the sketch of the dog is fine. When I first saw it, I got a feeling of big whooly sheep dog. Sometimes minimalism is good, because the brain will fill in the rest.