Tuesday, April 03, 2007


daily drawing....hmm I hate hitting the caps lock on the mac and yet I do it all the time...okay this could be the reason i dont have time to post or do my own lately...the first graders are required to do so many writings for thier writing folder....and I was in charge of wrenching one out of them last week...they had to write a brochure and draw pictures about various animals...now what first grader even knows what a brochure is...so I drew this one for them...and some of the various animals we talked about so they could see how to do it...we even got mathy discussing circles, triangles...the shapes of the animals....and they got to use colored pencils...they loved that part:>


caseytoussaint said...

Good for you - you'll make artists out of all of them!

SiouxSue said...

"Wrenched it out of them", did you? I remember wrenching things out all the time. Wow, that is quite a bit for first graders! I love you example! That makes me miss it...just a little!