Wednesday, May 02, 2007

yesterdays daily drawings

Drew these at a staff development fodder for the pen every Tuesday...stationary adults!!! The lady with her hair up started out as a small sketch of the teacher but then i had fun giving her huge earrings and messing with her know if you dont know the people you can do whatever you want to them:> ...remind me NOT to give out my blog addy!

One of the teachers asked me if i was starting a second career when she saw what i was doing..she was impressed...they must look ALOT better upside down!;> Sorry I just could not resist posting them upside down...sorry my bad!!:> Hmmm they do look better than i thought they did yesterday...sketched in the margins of a class handout...pretty pink isnt it??? I also have yellow and orange handouts...funnnnn....

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phthaloblu said...

You're too funny! These are great!