Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blogs and websites of the week

along time ago i was going to try to post weekly blogs and websites i visit during the week...LOVE the eyecandy of the net..lasted ONE week...

so in an effort to do it are some i have visited and frequently forwarded to my friends...i get my own mailbox on alot of their computers so they can go back and check the links later!

Some art sites and blogs

awesome sketch by Kate Johnson author of many North Light books This is her blog

sketchbook and how she does what she does...and she is really good...

Nina Johnson's terrific sketches from I think its Sweden!

Finally a post from the Danny Gregory - leader of the everydaymatters list...sketching group..and a link to samples of journalers who are going to be in his new book that hes working on...some great journals

Barry Gott's blog- his illos are a hoot...he does a lot of childrens book illos with photoshop..also going to be in Danny Gregory's new book

Laurel Burch's website She passed away this week from osteoporothis ....I have been in love with her art work for years now...since at least 1990 when i saw it at Macys...vivid paintings of animals reproduced on fabric, as earrings, purses, cups and my current fav SOCKS!!

Roger Finch - A local sculptor(Augusta GA) that teaches welding found objects together which is what he bases his art work on


Anji Vissner's great pencil drawings and art quilts

an awesome art quilter Rosemary Claus-Gray

Random Arts STORE BLOG - a very cool mixed media store in the lovely tiny town of Saluda NC

THE original long arm quilting machine and its history...who knew they were so old?

Uncommon threads group - an interesting mixture of traditional and artsy quilts.
..and the darned cutest picture of a small baby sleeping on a quilt one of the group members made...

Stupid sock creatures
website...just because they will make you laff!


Walter Logeman said...

Nice post, useful to see a good list of art sites.

And thanks for your post on my blog!

Kathleen Murphy said...

Thanks for the blog links, I always enjoy reading your posts.

Teri C said...

Nice post Maggie. Thanks for the peeks are such interesting sites.

Nina Johansson said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog! I was happy to find the rest of your list, many of them were new to me. Always nice with some new inspiration.

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Wow, Margaret, a treasure of interesting places to visit. Thanks!!