Sunday, September 30, 2007

Modular Knitting

I have been madly knitting all weekend...and NOT getting much accomplished...

Trying to knit a sweater from the Koigu book Knits from a Painters Pallette - modular knitting...combining a variety of squares.


I started with thin yarn knitted on a size 3 needle SOOO tiny using some handdyed shawl yarn and some left over sock yarn...but my needles were not sharp...had three different ones and only one had a point on it...the others have disappeared over the years i went to the yarn store to buy some POINTIER ones...I bought a pair but they told me what i really needed was LACE needles...did they have any??? i bought a regular pair

and OMG i bought a bunch of NORO to try to knit a modular sweater out of...all different colors... a dozen or so skeins to add to the five that i already had...I mean you can knit NORO on larger needles should go faster right??? NOT:>

SIX or SEVEN hours later this is all I have done...

These are made from NORO a yummy hand dyed Japanese yarn that is available locally...we dont have Koigu here. The Koigu is MUCH thinner than the Noro that is sold locally but the colors are awesome. It is varigated but has LONG color runs which was driving me crazy when i made the first sample last nite. I was using the colors i wanted out of the should see the mess of loose ends on the back...alot of weaving if I EVER finish this thing! I do like it better today than i did at 1 am yesterday:> things usually do look better in the morning right?!


Anne Copeland said...

Great work, Maggie! Love it!

Anita said...

Looks fab...can't wait to see it finished...That makes two of us then eh? LOL!