Sunday, September 09, 2007

A new friend

ME and the ADMIRAL(like i believe that!)

Well my mom got busy and made me a he is...he doesnt have a name either but he confidentially told me hes Admiral of the Savannah River fleet...but we dont even own a boat!! just a canoe!!! He told me that is what his gold star is for...cause hes an admiral...I am glad to have a friend BUT did she have to make one twice as big as i am??? Maybe one of those socks shes been saying ALL MORNING that shes going to paint will be a little short one like me...well i can always hope cant i?

She MIGHT have gotten them done if she hadnt been too busy hanging out on the back deck taking pics of that wierd bird that keeps roosting across the river...i mean YOU can BARELY see it in the pictures...She said she used to think it was an egret but since she saw that woodstork the other day now shes not so sure...WHY didnt she get out the binoculars and look...

ANd then she spent a whole big chunk of morning cooking DOG food for that pesty Jazz...I know shes sick but i really hope she gets those socks done soon so i can have a SHORT friend:|

And NOW shes blogging...WHEN is she gonna paint those socks?! Signed Veronica who is NOT an ugly stupid sock creature but a GORGEOUS hand dyed sock creature


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Veronica, you and your new friend the Admiral are truly beautiful and amazing. Thank your Mom Maggie for me, because I've just now ordered the book from the guy at Stupid Creatures.
smooshy hugs,

crazy atom said...

so she IS Veronica! and the admiral is really cool and so what if he is bigger than Veronica?! She still looks like she could take him; she's got some muscle in those arms of hers :)
ren the crazy atom

Melinda said...

Okay, my vote is either an egret, a heron, possibly a whooping crane. The thing that gets me though is the bill. It seems to be not short and pointed. There's a bird called a roseate spoonbill, but they live near salt water. I don't suppose there's salt water in the Savannah, and this bird is lost? If you get a closer view, I would love to see it.

And the sock creatures are cute.