Friday, February 15, 2008

Beautiful day here

The enterlac purse i have been working on is done but for the easy that tonite as soon as i bind off the handles....This is the purse made from Noro yarns...184 and 148 I think...Right now the bag part is enormous...the handles are about a yard long after twisting them up...
HOw did i twist the handles? I weighted one end down with a three pound with square ends...the "rope" was about 2 yards long at this point...I stuck a knitting needle in the other end and twisted it for a few minutes ....then i grabbed the end under the weight and brought the two ends of the "rope" automatically twists up like this...This technique also works well with a variety of yarns to couch onto fiberart.

dogs and i went for a LONG walk 1.5 miles in our neighborhood....65 degrees...great day....we will sleep well tonite!!

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