Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Patchwork Felted Bag and a silk Tassel

This is a small purse...maybe 6"x 10" but is soo lovely and soft hanging on the front door of Connies old Queen Anne style house.

I made this for my friend Connie for her birthday. Its the color I THINK looks good on her. She has the loveliest blue eyes...almost turquoise. This bag also matches her scarf I gave her for Christmas...ANYWAY this bag is from the Vogue Knitting Holiday 2004 issue. and called the Patchwork Felted Bag #31.

And would you believe I bought this magazine only a month ago at a local shop ON SALE!! After having knitted a jillion scarves with my Noro i noticed this very cute little bag at one of the local shops...only uses a little over a skein of yarn and knits up oh so fast. I had to find the was a mission...and sure enough our other LYS had a copy of it!! Its knitted from Noro of the mostly turquoise one.

This is a wild crazy tassel she had hanging on her China Cabinet. I made it a couple of years ago out of scraps of silk strips and leftover "junk" yarn...all sewed together with a zig zag stitch on the machine...I made about a dozen of these...Fun stuff...the hair on the girl in the rocker was also made with these wild can see them a few posts back...Feb 11.

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